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26 September 2006

Volume 2

Dear Families,

Happy 4th birthday to Iris Zimble and 6th birthday to Isaac Cutler this week. They share the same birthday--September 25th!

I have had many of you contact me telling me how much your family is enjoying your CD packets. I am so happy that you are listening with your children and enjoying the music and activities together! Be sure to browse through the parent booklet from time to time for ideas on how to add variation to the time you spend with the CD and ideas on how to extend the activities into your daily life. Try the activities with your whole family as well. You might be surprised how well family members of all ages respond.

Now that we are all getting more comfortable with ourselves and the class, we are going to work in the coming weeks on using more instruments, singing along as a group, and (for those that are comfortable) taking turns vocalizing and playing instruments.

For our Cycle of Seasons families, you may have noticed how large our classes are. It is wonderful to have so many of you there to contribute your great ideas and share your talents! I am finding with this size of class, however, that I do not have time with each song/activity to give each child a turn to share an idea for movement, how to play an instrument, or to vocalize. Please try to prepare your child for this change before class if you think it may be an "issue." I will do my best to be fair in giving each child equal opportunities to do things, but please let me know if your child is feeling left out in any way.

Below I have included some "Please and Thank You" guidelines to keep in mind as you attend class. There is also a chart outlining how Musikgarten classes help to develop the whole child in addition to molding fine musicians.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Ms. Merinda

Please and Thank You

  1. Please try to get to class on time: It disturbs the class flow when latecomers arrive, and it's difficult for the latecomer to get oriented.

  2. Please participate in the class activities: You are a powerful role model for your child. Your participation in singing, moving, and listening sends the message to your child that it is safe, enjoyable, and important. I'm really not concerned about your "musical competence." It's enthusiasm that sustains the energy and focus of the class!

  3. Please don't carry on conversations with other adults during the class, particularly when we are singing. I count on your voices to sing and support. Your focus and attention on class activities model attitudes of respect and enjoyment of music.

  4. Please respect this special time with your child and set your cell phone to vibrate or turn it off.

  5. Please let me know if you wish to bring extra family members to class. I aim to make classes very inclusive, so visitors don't often get to sit on the sidelines. I welcome grandparents, extra parents, etc. but it can get to be overwhelming if there are too many visitors all at one time.

  6. Thank you for telling your friends about our classes. Please feel free to give them my contact information, and either you or they can call me ahead of time for an invitation to visit the class with you to try it out.

  7. Thank you for keeping individual bottles, snacks and toys out the class area, since children are sometimes irretrievably distracted by the idea that food or toys are present but unavailable to them. I will always have water cups available at the entrance if your child needs a drink when they arrive or just before they leave.

  8. Thank you for keeping sick children at home. I am sorry to have them miss class, but you know how illnesses can travel through groups of children.

  9. Thank you for communicating with me. I am always eager to hear how music is being expressed and enjoyed in the life of your family. Let me know if your child has a favorite song or activity, and I will try to work it into the flow of class. Also feel free to let me know of any questions or concerns you might have. If you don't have time to talk with me before or after class, please call or email.

  10. Thank you for sharing this musical adventure with me! Having fun and feeling successful without pressure is a great motivator to continue making music in the future.

Musikgarten Classes:

How Each Component Develops the Whole Child

Musikgarten is designed to mold musicians who can not only play music, but make music and enjoy it. But apart from musical development, there is a direct correlation between each component of Musikgarten classes that develops the whole child.

Musikgarten Class Component

Child Development Area

Listening to Music

Movement & Instrument Play


Ensemble  (Playing in Groups)

Creative & Dramatic  Stories

Write & Read Music (Music Makers)













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